Customer Case Studies

Mrs. E and her new kitchenClient: Mrs E, Wyre Forest

Works completed:  Kitchen Adaption and Door Widening

I would definitely recommend CRW, the service I received was better than I expected.  The work has made my life much better as before the kitchen was adapted I could not even get a glass of water easily. I am delighted.”

Mrs E is confined to a wheelchair. She was very frustrated as her kitchen units were in the wrong place for her.  Access around the bungalow and the floor finish made it hard to manoeuvre her wheelchair, causing a strain on her arms. As she could not access her kitchen properly she couldn’t cook, wash up or use the appliances safely but really wanted to be independent.

CRW carried out a full assessment of Mrs E’s housing situation, discussing what adaptations she would need. Mrs E’s kitchen has now been designed so that she can reach all the units.  She has a new power-wheelchair which does not put strain on her arms and is much easier to manage and she can now get around safely and easily.



 Mrs N. on her stairliftClient: Mrs N, Wyre Forest

Works completed: Level access shower, Curved stair lift, smoke detectors and heating

"I am over the moon with the work. I cannot praise CRW enough – if it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have had anything done. I can now get up and down the stairs on my own and have a shower without any help. The staff were all very nice and the workmen were very friendly

 A hip fracture and poor recovery left Mrs N at risk of falling.

 Full safety, trips and falls prevention checks were completed by the CRW team. We had identified that another smoke detector was needed at the property and sent a referral to the fire service.  The fire service then visited the property and fitted a new smoke detector.  We also obtained a costing for a central heating service, which was also then fitted at the property.

Mrs N is now able to be mobile around the home without assistance and is able to bath without the worry of falling.




Client : Mrs W, Wyre Forest Shower example

Works completed: Level access shower

“It’s made a huge difference – the level access shower for my son. CRW were a great help getting the job done. The contractor got on with the conversion, showing consideration for my son’s condition.”

Mrs W was struggling with bathing her autistic son safely.  Her son has a love of water and was becoming unmanageable in the bath putting Mrs W and the property at risk.

CRW worked with the contractor and Mrs W to make sure the project was completed to meet all her son’s needs.

The level access shower has made a big difference to the family, improving the start of the day with showering making things much easier.

Mrs W’s son can continue his love of water by showering safely with the shower’s thermostatic control. The shower will also help him become more independent as he learns how to use it.